Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Cosmetics Factories

  • Corresponding to GMP and PIC/S
  • Corresponding to ISO9001

Hygiene Management at Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device Factories, and Cosmetic Factories

Hygiene management based on GMP and PIC/S is implemented at pharmaceutical factories. ARS Environmental Service’s integrated hygiene management system (we usually call this system, ‘Total Health Care’) is based on GMP, and we provide the quality assurance system practiced at Otsuka group companies. Cosmetic factories also implement hygiene management based on GMP, on the assumption that there are no contaminations. To ensure this, it is necessary to balance policies, procedures, facilities, and management systems.

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ARS Services

  • Support for reviewing management methods based on GMP and PIC/S
  • Support for obtaining ISO series certification
  • Microorganism tests of raw materials, intermediate products, final products, and packaging
  • Support for validation of process and washing
  • Support for validation of utilities as air conditioners and water for processing
  • Identification of foreign matter
  • Analysis of complaints
  • Pest control Monitoring of insects and rodents/extermination/preventive measures
  • Selling of several kinds of insect catching devices
  • Hygiene management training tailored to specific employee responsibilities and duties
  • Sanitation control of clean and semi-clean areas
  • Specific sanitation and decontamination of clean and semi-clean areas
  • Sanitation control of general areas
  • Sanitation of air conditioners and air supply and exhaust systems
  • Sanitation of drainage systems
  • Rental uniforms
  • Anti-mold coating
  • Sanitization
  • Selling of detergents, disinfectants and equipment for sanitation
  • Selling of sanitary goodsuniforms/caps/mouth covers/gloves